Type of artist: Professional

Phone : +91-90080 96457


Title: Shiva-Shakti Aardhanarishwar:
a. Size: 10’’ / 10’’
b. Medium: Acrylic Painting
c. Description: Kerala painting of God shiva and Shakti

Title: Ray of hope:
a. Size: 24’’ / 36’’
b. Medium: Oil Painting
c. Description: Dreams of every life.

Title: Lord Ganesh:
a. Size: 12’’ / 12’’
b. Medium: Oil Painting with Mix Media
c. Description: Lord Ganesh is rustic background look.

Title: Gautam Buddha:
a. Size: 12’’ / 24’’
b. Medium: Oil Painting with Clay work
c. Description: Gautam buddha Artwork portrays peace of mind and concentration.

Title: Lucky Fishes:
a. Size: 15’’ / 17.5’’
b. Medium: Fiber castle
c. Description: Fishes are sign of fate and luckiness.

Title: Goddess Meenakshi:
a. Size: 30’’ / 38.5’’
b. Medium: Original Tanjore Painting, 22 carat gold foil work with precious stones, Poster colours.
c. Description: Symbol of traditional painting

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