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Follow me to Brooklyn
let’s set the balloons free and see
them soar in the skies and in-process set our hearts free
Photo Credit: Murad Osmann

Come follow me, lets go meet Phoenix – Daughter of Bones &
Fire. You may think she’s disintegrating but just like the
legend of the Phoenix she’s regenerating, she’s gathering all
the energy she can to get to victory. She’s amazing she’s
Phoenix. If we need to refill your glass, you need to empty it
first. That’s what life is all about. So let’s take time out to
retreat, reflect, refocus & reform. This is dedicated to all the
women about there. More power to us.
Photo Credit – Pinterest

A walk in the Park – It’s a trilogy of walking through the
seasons in the park this is the first part of walk in park in
Photo Credit : Pinterest

Roses & Umbrella – This painting is specially dedicated
for my Ma & Abba. Who bring me Roses on gloomy days
and become by Umbrella on rainy days of my life. Also
dedicated to all the parents out there who are roses and
umbrella for their children.
Photo Credit: Asaf Frank

Come follow me let’s take long sip from Elixir of life, food
for thought, Fuel for the mind & Energy for the soul
Photo Credit : Pinterest

Follow me to the beautiful town of Positano on the
Amalfi Coast which is the jewel in Italy ‘s crown.
Photo Credit : Pinterest

Follow me lets watch the Umbrella Dancing in the Rain
as it lures you to catch it saying ” strictly come dancing
& catch me if you can “
Photo Credit: Asaf Frank

Follow me to the French Riviera and have a glimpse
of the what it has to offer . Come follow me and be
Photo Credit : Pinterest

She is the one who changed my life, the Girl waiting in
the Rain is my wife.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Perfect Night – Music, Flower & Candles are lit, let
the symphony begin
Photo Credit : Pinterest

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