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Description – Prakrut Om
Details – Acrylic ink &acrylic on paper
Size – 25”x 18”
‘VEDIC OM’ is also known as ‘Prakrut
Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual
symbol in Indian religions. It signifies
the essence of the ultimate reality,
consciousness or Atman. In each script,
in each language its power is existed in
the form of light and sound.ipt,
in each language its power is existed in
the form of light and sound.

Description – Journey of Life
Details – Acrylic on paper
Size – 16”x22”

These are the phases of life.Even in bad
phase one needs to be positive with
constant efforts which is the way to
come out of that darkness and enter in
good phase with brighness.But always
remember no phase remains still
forever. One needs to be always
prepared for challenges with positive
attitude to enjoy this journey of life.

Description -The origin
Details -Acrylic ink on
Size – 18”x 18”

All the letters, sounds created from a
small dot which is a huge source of
energy in the universe.

Description – Thirukural (Tamil)
Details – Acrylic ink on paper
Size – 25”x 18”

The Thirukural is classic Tamil language
text consists of 1,330 couplets or
kurals.It is considered one of the
greatest works on ethics and morality, it
is known for its universality and secular
nature. The text is divided into 3 books,
each with aphoristic teaching on virtue,
wealth and love. Here, presented part 1
of 1 st book about Dharma consisting
380 couplets.

Description – Telegu-Kannada together
Details – Acrylic on paper
Size – 25”x 18”

The Telugu-Kannada alphabet is a
writing system used in southern India
are the descendants from same script,
Brahmi. Despite, some differences, the
script used for the Telugu and Kannada
language remain quite similar. So, I
have artistically blended these 2 script
alphabets to form a multilingual art

Description- Inner Beauty
Details – Acrylic ink & coloured pencils on paper
Size -25”x 18”

Never underestimate anything…We
never know what beauty is actually
hidden in the unnoticed one.

Description -Life is beautiful
Details – Acrylic ink & Acrylic on paper
Size – 25”x18”

Life is the colourful rainbow one should
experience and enjoy at every moment
with its all types of dark and light

Description – Malayalam Ha
Details – Acrylic ink & 3D liner acrylic on
Size -14”x 14”

Malyalam is one of the 6 classical
languages.Letter ‘ha’ can be treated in
‘one letter one design’ form to present
it in artistic way. Traditional
combination of colours red and gold
used depicts the beautiful culture.

Description – The Spring
Details- Acrylic ink & Acrylic on paper

Everything in this eternal world, starts
from a dot, travels through the series of
dots and reach to the same circle of
eternal world with no end. There is
always a new beginning after every end
and the cycle go on infinitely and that’s
the natures rule.

Description -One letter One design(Odia)
Details – Acrylic ink & acrylic on paper
Size- 25”x 18”

Odia is one of the 6 classical
languages.Letter ‘Bha’ is treated as ‘one
letter one design’ form.Odia letter ‘Bha’
is presented in artistic way .’Bha’ means
light, radiance. Sun’s one name is

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